Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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  • 🌞🌗 INTELLIGENT SUNRISE and SUNSET SIMULATION - Simulate the alarm with about 15/30/60 minutes of sunrise by gradually increasing the light from 10% to 100% and 10-120 minutes of sunset by slightly dimming the light from 100% to 0%. 97% of users find it easier and happier to get up in the morning.
  • ⏰⏰PERSONALIZED SETTINGS - The enhanced Snooze feature gives you an extra 9 minutes of sleep after waking time. With a brightness of 30 levels, you can set the alarm at night to the correct brightness. Double alarms for weekdays/weekends or different schedules for getting up
  • 🌊🌊9 NATURAL NOISE - 8 natural sounds and 30s recording sound with 15-level volume control. You can choose your personal favorite tones between piano, twitter, waves, violin, quack and beep, also can record any sound as an alarm clock. 7 kinds of natural sounds, birds chirping, ocean waves, streams, beep, wind chimes, soft music and piano
  • 📻📻FM RADIO - Would you like to start your fresh day with pleasant music? This alarm clock supports manual/automatic search for radio channels and automatic storage of radio channels in the playlist.
  • 🔵🔴6 COLOR LED LIGHT - Switches the light manually / automatically between orange, red, purple, blue, green and cyan. This wake-up light can be used as a reading light, bedside lamp, atmospheric light and night light.